Managed by Kristen Callihan- adored this!❤

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Managed (VIP, #2) by Kristen Callihan – 4.5 Stars


1st things first. Gabriel Scott is a GOD and I need him to be real a person so I can claim him and smother his stuck up snooty sexy self in my love.

I always adore Kristen Callihan’s writing and Managed was no exception. This book focuses on Gabriel “Scottie” Scott, manager of the band Kill John (whose lead singer is the hero from Idol – VIP Book #1) and Sophie Darling, who was one of the most sweetest, sassy, and outspoken heroines.

The sexual tension in this book was NO JOKE. I was buddy-reading this with a friend and must have messaged her 74 times screaming that if these two didn’t do the dirty already I was going to throw my kindle out of a freaking window.

“I want to shut her up with my mouth. Take. And take. And take. Lick up her words, drink in her laughter.”

“I can’t look away or stop myself from rocking into her, saying with my body what I’m too afraid to utter.
Take me, have me, love me.”

The banter was fantastic. The way Kristen writes dialogue is gold. There is always a perfect mix of humor, steam, and romance in her books.

“Besides, your brand of pretty is like a weapon. You reel victims in with it, just like a vampire does. I wouldn’t be surprised if you sparkle in the sun.”
“I cannot believe I’m arguing with a woman who references Twilight.”
“The fact that you know I’m referencing Twilight betrays you as a secret Edward-loving fanboy.”
His snort is loud and scathing. “Team Jacob all the way.”
I can’t help it, my eyes fly open, and I lift a corner of my mask to glare at him. “That’s it. We can never be friends.”

“How are dudes in real life supposed to compete when women are reading about python dicks and pussy whisperers?” <—This line from my darling Rye. I can’t wait for his book. 

The bromance was so freaking adorable I swear my cheeks hurt from smiling so much. I am not a huge fan of rock star romances, but leave it to Kristen to change my mind and fall head over heels in love with the band and the rest of the characters.

While some things were a littleeee over the top and some parts a little too convenient for my liking, this was so DAMN SWEET and something I most definitely recommend!

On rumpled, linen sheets, she claims me, body and soul, and then offers herself right back. In that moment, I am no longer Scottie or Gabriel, I am something more. I am home. Finally. At last. Forever.

Managed is out now!

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