Unpopular Opinion alert: Review of Bossman by Vi Keeland

Bossman by Vi Keeland  – 2 Mediocre Stars

To all my fellow book lovers who loved Bossman and are about to read this review:


But I’m quite confused as to how this book has such high ratings.
Was it horrible? No. I liked it. Sort of.
Was the writing outstanding and the story original? Sorry, but no.
Was any of it remarkable in any way? THAT’S A BIG FAT NO.

I was amused by it at times, sure. It gave me some chuckles. But to call this anything other than mediocre is really a far stretch.

I’ve seen the characters described as engaging and sexy. I’d have to call them flat and uninspired. And I think that was my biggest issue here. The heroine especially lacked any semblance of a personality and Chase – who seems to be loved by so many – was like a mash up of every type of romance cliché out there. Some parts of the plot were quite random and unrealistic and I felt a lot of the issues in here were blown out of proportion.

While there wasn’t anything glaringly wrong with this, it wasn’t compelling and it was just …plain. Plain and boring and recycled. If someone is going to take a used story line, something in it better knock my socks off. My socks were NOT knocked off.

Maybe if I read this a while back I would have loved it? Maybe because I’ve recently read a few contemporary reads that were phenomenal and this just paled in comparison? Not quite sure. But I do know this author doesn’t seem to be for me.

I know so many people have loved this book, but I just didn’t see the appeal.


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