Violent Things By Callie Hart


Zeth is back baby!!!!!

And boy oh boy does Callie not disappoint with his return! Violent Things picks up after The Blood and Roses series, and also weaves throughout some of Hell’s Kitchen’s story line.

Zeth and Sloane are living a blissful, domesticated life. Sloane is still a doctor, and Zeth is still running his gym, Blood and Roses. Enter Mason Reeves – a young mechanic who works across the street from the gym, looking to train to become a fighter in order earn money to help his sick younger sister who is under his care. Zeth agrees to train him, seeing something in him that brings out his soft side.

In true Callie fashion, the story is fast paced, HOT, entertaining, and ends with your jaw dropping to the floor from what Agent Lowell (yep that bitch is back, too) tells Mason!

Now enough of the plot, and lets get to what’s important here. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING warms my heart and gets me all giddy more than reading about Zeth and Sloane together. I freaking LOVE how much they have both grown, how committed they are to one another, and how much they mean to each other. And I realize I’m talking here like these are real people, but I can’t help it! Callie has developed these characters that you just instantly connect to.


And this includes Mason, too! He is seriously a great addition to this gang (did I mention Michael is in this as well? God, how I’ve missed him) and I adored his character and the way he looks after his sister. It almost reminded me of a younger (less scary) version of Zeth and Lacey. His backstory just broke my heart and I CANNOT wait to see his character develops throughout the rest of the series.


Callie has this knack at creating characters that just burrow into your heart and make you fall in love with them from the very first words out of their mouths and storylines that make suck you in from the very first page. I am seriously ITCHING to dive into the rest of this series and see where it goes! It will no doubt be filled with crazy twists and turns, phenomenal writing, and heart filled moments.

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