I can’t feel my heart anymore. Do I even have one? Nope – don’t think so. These 2 have stolen it: Review of Wicked Sexy Liar by Christina Lauren


Wicked Sexy Liar by Christina Lauren – 5 Stars 

I have died and been brought back to life thanks to Christina Lauren. Yes, I now know what it is like to die and come back because of the perfection that was this book. I want to weep at the feet of these two fabulous women for creating the perfect specimen that is Luke Sutter.

Too much? I’d advise you to stop reading this review now then, because a whole lot of gushing is about to come your way.

Anyone who knows me knows the love I have for these authors, and specifically for Beautiful Player. That book was and will always be one of my all-time favorites ever, and I think anyone who has read it would agree. But I can say with complete confidence Wicked Sexy Liar is just as brilliant. Just as sexy, just as thrilling and emotional and humorous and amazing and something about Luke and London just clicks, and everything that happens just works, and the writing is just phenomenal and there wasn’t a thing I would change, not a thing I didn’t like.

For those who aren’t familiar with London & Luke – a little backstory: Luke, Mia’s ex, is a sort of manwhore with a heart of gold. London, roommates with Lola and also friends with Mia, is oblivious to who Luke is when they meet at the bar where she currently works. After they meet and flirt, a sort of ‘we’re not friends but we have benefits – sometimes’ arrangement is non-verbally made.

At first, London is reluctant to give Luke the time of day, but after some charming persuasion on his part, she gives in to the initial attraction she has towards him.

Following me with his eyes, he asks “So is this no-dating-guys-you-meet-at-work thing, like, an actual rule?”
“Sort of.”
“What if I promised I was absolutely worth it?”
Why do I think he is absolutely telling the truth? He smiles shyly, but behind his honey brown eyes, I can see he’s still hunting.
“I’m sure you’re amazing, but I don’t even remember your name.”
“Yes, you do.”
He leans forward, crossing his arms on the glossy wood.
I bite back a smile.

London really has no desire to have any kind of relationship with anyone, and while Luke isn’t against having one, once they get together, he is totally and completely hooked. These two have a crazy connection, get along so well, and their chemistry is u-n-b-e-l-i-e-v-a-b-l-e. But after learning who Luke really is and feeling like she is breaking some sort of girl code with Mia, along with the fact she doesn’t really trust him because of his past hook ups, London feels like the “relationship” they do have must come to an end. Luke, though, isn’t having it. He is determined to win her over. These scenes were probably some of my favorites. You get to really see his endearing charm and can’t help but route for the guy. And I LOVED how his reasoning to continue to push London to see him again wasn’t just for the sex; he has a genuine interest in wanting to get to know and spend time with her.

“I think you don’t like how much you like me,” I say, unable to keep from smiling. “You can’t fit me into your Barfly Box of Shame. You want to dismiss me as a dickhead player, but then you think I’m hot and fun and you like watching me eat nachos.”
London turns her face back up to me, smirking. “Nailed it.”
“Apt phrase.” I pause, tossing another chip into my mouth before saying, “You sort of want to kiss me right now.”

Let’s take a moment here to discuss Luke. Luke – who took me completely by surprise. Luke- who is just a freaking overall amazing guy, with his flirty lines, his sweet intentions, and his romantic thoughts. I immediately pegged him as a pig, but BOY WAS I WRONG. You know that ‘giddy, clutch the book to your chest, OMG WHY ISN’T HE REAL, CAN I HAVE HIM, I can’t stop squealing’ feeling you get when you’re reading a really good book? Yea, every time he spoke or basically any thought he had caused that reaction. Just a few lines so you see what I mean:

We’re no longer headed toward a fun fuck, the rutting, confident sex I’ve been enjoying for years. I suddenly can’t muster the out-of-focus tenderness I give so easily. This isn’t like the other night with her – two people experiencing something completely different together.
Here, I’m peeled bare.
I want to make love to this sweet, distrustful girl.


The most fucked up thought hijacks my brain: I don’t want to have sex right now. I want to kiss her. Just kiss. Just feel. I want to focus on the way she touches me, the sounds she makes when I touch her. We’ve charged through everything so far, and I want to go back and feel all the Firsts with her.

CAN YOU EVEN DEAL? Needless to say, once their relationship progressed, these two easily became one of my favorite book couples. There was just the right amount of sexy and sweet, humor and angst, and reluctance on London’s part to give in to this incredible guy who has somehow dug his way into her heart.

…Whatever it is, it makes me drunk on her. Being near her, making her smile, makes me feel incredible. She can see it and I let her. I’m fucking drunk on this girl.
Finally, exhaling a shaky breath, she smacks my chest, “You’re hopeless.”
I grab her hand before she can pull it away, resting it on my chest. I know she can feel my heart pounding, and if what I’m watching happen with her pulse in her throat is any indication, her heart is beating just as hard.
I smile, and watch as it softens something in her expression.
“I think you’re right,” I tell her.

I can’t feel my heart anymore. Do I even have one? NOPE – don’t think so. These two have stolen it.


I really think Christina Lauren wield some magic ink or power or something. I don’t know how they can make each of their books so refreshing, romantic, and sexy as all hell. Or how they can take something as simple as hand holding and make it one of the most romantic scenes, or a line about pop-tarts so funny I couldn’t control the laugh that bubbled out of my throat (and you’ll see what I mean when you read this baby). Their writing continues to be smart, their dialogue witty, their characters enticing, and it all just draws you in from the get-go. Nobody does contemporary romance quite like them.

This is just another book that cements them as two of my favorite authors. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I had to stop to squeal from giddiness, or stop to highlight an amazing line. I absolutely LOVED it and highly recommend it to anyone and everyone!

*A BIG thanks to Gallery Books for sending an advanced copy for review*

Wicked Sexy Liar (can be read as a standalone) is out February 2nd! http://amzn.to/1S7dwix

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