November 9 by Colleen Hoover- oh how I loved thee


I don’t know how the hell I am going to write this review. Because when I read a book I LOVE I have a hard time getting my thoughts down. And I hate when this happens. So this will be one of those reviews where I just ramble on until I feel like I have adequately expressed my undying love for Colleen Hoover and this book.

This is also one of those reviews where I won’t mention a damn thing about the plot. Because you need to go in blind. And just let Colleen take you on this beautiful, shocking, gorgeous, angst-y, anger filled, lovely ride.


What I think I love most about Colleen Hoover’s writing is how the whole book is filled with memorable moments. Unforgettable moments. Moments that you just NEED to highlight. Every quote, every other line, EVERY DAMN THING, because you know you will be going back and reading them again just to be able to get that “floating..heart-clenching..OMG I LOVE THIS!!!!! SHOUTY CAPS ALL OVER THE PLACE!!“..feeling you got when you read it for the first time. (Side note- I read this on paperback and went through two packets of stickies and 2 highlighters with all the highlighting I did). No one’s words make my heart literally clench quite like Colleen’s do.


This is one of those books where you think you know, but you don’t. NO, you don’t! Where you think you are prepared for the genius that is Colleen Hoover’s writing, but she just blows you away page after page, line after line.


You will laugh. You will cry. And when you want to stop because anger has gripped you SO HARD YOU HAVE TO TYPE IN ALL CAPS TO EXPRESS HOW FREAKING MAD YOU ARE (because trust me this will happen), just keep going. The ‘genius’ isn’t done yet.

November 9 is out tomorrow! Purchase link below:

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