Feature Friday: #MonsterInHisEyes by JM Darhower


Today’s feature: Monster In His Eyes Series by JM Darhower:



“Tell me,” I whisper, running my tongue along the shell of her ear. “Tell me how you want it to be. Tell me what you need from me.”
I’ll give her anything.
I’ll tear my fucking chest open with my bare hands, rip out my heart and hand it to her, if that’s what she needs.
All she has to do is tell me.
All she has to do is ask.
She could bark out a million demands, and I would work myself to the death making them all happen, but instead she merely whispers, “I want you to love me.”
So I do.
I love her.


Tempted by the evil beside me, the original sin..my forbidden fruit. I took a bite of her on a whim and realized, despite what the world led me to believe, she wasn’t rotten to the core. He wants me to toss her aside, throw her away, let her decay into the ground where he thinks she’s meant to be, but I’m not sure anything else could sustain me.
I drank from the Holy Grail.
He’s not taking that away.


If those quotes alone don’t make you want to read this series, there is something wrong with you and we can’t be friends.


Not really.

If you haven’t read this amazing series by my favorite freaking author, READ THEM!

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Favorite ‘Ships’ Book Tag!



N: Short for romantic relationship, popularized in fan-fiction circles.
V: To endorse a romantic relationship.

Doing this book tag (also seen on It Starts At Midnight) and I tag anyone who wants to participate! (Feel free to use my graphic and tag me!)

Below are some of my favorite ships in no particular order (except #1. They really are my #1 favs 😉 ) -no way I could fit them all in one post!

1. Carmine & Haven from Sempre by JM Darhower

“Grabbing her hand, he pressed it gently to his chest. His skin was warm to the touch, and she could slightly feel his pulse pounding against her palm.
“Do you feel that? I’m not going anywhere, Haven. This is yours.”

2. Matty & Genna from By Any Other Name by JM Darhower

“This is what I want,” he said quietly. “What I get for winning.”
“You had me,” she whispered, cheeks flushing at the reminder.
“I did,” he agreed. “But the past isn’t what matters. I live in the present, Genna. I live in the NOW. I had you, yeah, but what I want is to HAVE you.”

3. Naz & Karissa from Monster In His Eyes by JM Darhower

“You may growl, and hiss, and meow, and maybe sometimes you bring out those claws, but I know how to make you purr. I’m the king of the jungle. I’m the predator.” “Does that make me your prey?” He shakes his head. “That makes you my queen.”

..are we noticing a theme here? If not, I’ll spell it out. JM DARHOWER IS MY FAVORITE! Basically any couple she has created is considered a favorite. Ok..moving on.

4. Vanessa & Aiden from The Wall of Winnipeg and Me by Mariana Zapata

“I don’t know,” I stuttered, “Do you love me?”
His gaze was so intent the entire world seemed to stop. “You tell me. I never stop thinking about you. I worry about you all the time. Every beautiful thing I see reminds me of you. I can’t finish my practices in Colorado with out wishing you were around,” he said in a steady tone. “You tell me what I feel.”

5. Josh & Nastya from The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay 

“When I look at her now, I think, for just one second, that God doesn’t hate me so much after all.”

6. Mara & Noah from The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin

“You want me as much as I want you. And all I want is you.”
My tongue warred with my mind. “Today,” I whispered.
Noah stood slowly, his body skimming mine as he rose. “Today. Tonight. Tomorrow. Forever.”

7. Carter & Arizona from Sincerely, Carter by Whitney G.

“You belong to me, Ari, and you always will…
You’re more than ‘just’ my best friend, and I never want to be ‘just friends’ again.”

8.  Owen & Auburn from Confess by Colleen Hoover

“He catches my gasp with his mouth, and he picks me up, carrying me out of the shower and straight to the bed. And this time, I don’t get lost in his touch. I don’t get lost in his kiss. I don’t get lost in how it feels when he pushes himself inside me. I don’t feel lost in him at all, because it’s the first time I’ve ever felt like someone truly found me.”

9. Will & Hanna from Beautiful Player by Christina Lauren

“I was so lost in love with this girl.”

10. Drew & Kate from Tangled by Emma Chase 

“Edward Cullen can take his stupid heroine and OD on it. Kate is my own personal brand of Viagra.”

What are some of your favorite ships?





Saw this fun book tag on Reading Is My Breathing’s Blog and decided to participate! Shout out to It Starts At Midnight’s blog for creating this tag and the awesome category graphics ❤

*I tag anyone who wants to participate! 

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That’s easy. By Any Other Name by JM Darhower.

Star-crossed lovers? Loosely based on Romeo & Juliet? I’m all over that! And I loved every single word.

Monster In His Eyes by JM Darhower HAS to be included, too. The freaking prologue? WOW.


 The Black Wolf (In The Company Of Killers #5) By JA Redmerski.

That trip to Italy is one I will NEVER FORGET. INSANE! My jaw never left the floor.


That’s another easy one. Because it doesn’t exist. I have disliked every single love triangle book I have read =/ sorry folks.


HAHA.. I could be here all day. But I’ll only list a few: Please don’t hate me if you loved any one of these books =)


I’ll Meet You There by Heather Demetrios.

Not enough book friends I know have read this book!


Blood & Roses Series by Callie Hart. Brutal, sexy, emotional. AMAZING!

And of course In The Company Of Killers Series by JA Redermski. No words for how incredible this entire series is. Each book gets better and better.


I know, I know. I have mentioned this series multiple times, but In The Company of Killers has so many twists, you’ll need a notebook to keep track of them all! The Swan & The Jackal (ITCOK #3) was SO ITENSE and CRAZY and had an ending I did NOT see coming!

Also- The Raven Cycle (obsessed with this series) shocked the HELL OUT OF ME so many times.


The Sea Of Tranquility by Katja Millay.

Tears. Tears everywhere. I’ve read this multiple times and cried harder with each re-read.

*Honorable mention: Dusty Innocents & Dusty Delinquents by Mary Elizabeth & Sarah Elizabeth. Talk about SOBBING! I still can’t think about these books without tearing up.


Sempre by JM Darhower. My most favorite book in the history of books.

The Man I Love by Suanne Laqueur. Recently finished this book and LOVED IT!

(Note: I personally don’t consider these “slow paced”. I consider them perfectly paced. But I know others have called them “slow paced.” Regardless, both are fantastic!)


Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin.

More like a “teen” favorite. 😉


The Bird and The Sword by Amy Harmon.

“You are a dangerous little bird. But I think I will keep you.”  UGH this story! So beautiful!


F*ck Love by Tarryn Fisher.

It pains me to say this, especially since I LOVED her Love Me With Lies Series. But I wasn’t a fan of this book and skimmed the last half.


The Addicted Series by Krista & Becca Ritchie.

Hands down THE BEST ensemble cast I’ve ever read. I am absolutely, irrevocably, and insanely in love with the entire cast and with the whole series.


The Hook Up by Kristen Callihan.

Does football count? No? LOL. I haven’t read much sports books, but let’s make an exception for this category. I love this story. I love Kristen’s writing. I LOVE DREW BAYLOR. He is absolute PERFECTION.

If you’ve made it to the end of this..*HUGS*.  Thanks for reading!


NAZ IS BACK BABY! Review of Target On Our Backs by JM Darhower


My fellow Naz lovers Angela from Feeding My Addiction Book Reviews and Eliza from Relentless Romance and I were all gifted advanced copies of this incredible book and agreed it was a 5 star read!

You can read their reviews here and here

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 My review :

Target On Our Backs by JM Darhower – 5 Stars

NAZ IS BACK BABY. And let me tell you, he does NOT disappoint.

In the third installment to the Monster In His Eyes Series by my QUEEN JM Darhower, we get to see a somewhat, dare I say, softer side to the monster you can’t help but love. Don’t worry, though. For all the sick, twisted, lunatics out there like me (I am not ashamed to admit Naz threatening to slice a man’s throat still gets me all giddy) who can’t help but swoon when Naz goes all “monster” on a man, he still won’t hesitate to take out anyone who crosses him…..

Even though he’s trying. Trying to stay out of that life. Trying to be a better man for Karissa. But people from his past are making it really hard for him to be the ‘good man’ Karissa believes he is.

“…He’s not doing it because he wants to repent for his actions. He’s not doing it to make up for his sins. He’s doing it not because he’s tired of being the man he has been. He’s doing it because he thinks it’s what I need.

He wants to be a better man to ease my guilt for loving someone like him.

A leopard doesn’t change its spots. That’s what Giuseppe said.

You can dress a wolf up in sheep’s clothing, but the son of a bitch will still eat you alive if you let it.”

And that is all I will say on the plot. As always, I think a book like this is best read going in blind. I will talk about Naz, though. And I will mention how he is unbelievably, undeniably, irrefutably one of the sexiest men I have ever read about. And it’s not even his skill, his dirty words, or his dominance (though those don’t hurt my case – see below my fellow pervs), it’s his quiet confidence, it’s the way he loves Karissa, the way he will not let ANYTHING come between them.

“And I was going to love you right, remind you what it feels like to be cherished, to be idolized, to be treated like the queen you are. I was going to make serious love to you, baby.”

I let out a shaky breath, and before I can even inhale again, his hand shifts. It’s a split second, barely a blink. His hand is around my neck, tightly squeezing, as he yanks me toward him, flush against him.

“But now I think I’ll just fuck you instead.”


HELLOOOOOOOOO, NAZ! Oh, how I have missed you.

This book was absolutely amazing. Incredible. Phenomenal. And every other synonym for the words I just wrote.

Ever since I first read Monster In His Eyes, nothing has come close to being so captivating. Nothing just sucks you in from the get-go quite like her stories. JM Darhower’s writing, as usual, is flawless. She can write books on this man until the end of time and I would never tire of them.

AND THAT ENDING?! I WAS NOT PREPARED. MY GOD I was not ready. It should have come with a warning *Fainting May Occur* *Your Heart May Explode*.

A side note – Lorenzo absolutely stole the show for me. I am IN LOVE with that crazy ass man and I would be freaking ecstatic to see him get a book of his own!

Target On Our Backs is out now!!

IS THIS REAL LIFE?? COVER REVEAL: Target On Our Backs by JM Darhower!


NAZ IS BACK BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
THE QUEEN, aka JM Darhower, is releasing the third installment to Monster in His Eyes! (If you haven’t read these books yet, do yourself a favor and click here, add it to your TBR, and READ THEM!)

Target on Our Backs
(Monster in His Eyes #3)
USA Today Bestselling Author J.M. Darhower
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: February 23, 2016
The best way to keep your word is never
to give it.
Not long ago, in a chapel in Vegas, I swore to love Karissa
for the rest of my days. But nobody’s promised an infinite number of tomorrows.
Nobody’s promised forever. Sometimes, all we have left is today.
Carpe Diem
Seize the day.
It should’ve been over, we should’ve been happy, but people
are making it hard for me to live in peace. I’ve got so much blood on my hands
they’ll never be clean, and somebody out there seems to want me to pay for it. Happily Ever After always comes at a cost, one any real man would be willing to pay.
But that doesn’t mean I’m just going to roll over and accept these consequences. Because when it comes to the woman I love? The life I’ve fought for?
Nobody is safe.

Link to the awesome book trailer!: https://youtu.be/1GbrBp82aZM
Pre-order links coming soon!