Damaged Like Us by Krista & Becca Ritchie – ABSOLUTE PERFECTION!

Damaged Like Us (Like Us #1) by Krista & Becca Ritchie – 5 HUGE STARS


*brain error recognition*
*too happy to even properly form words*
*too emotional I feel like flying above the sky*


Not to be dramatic, but like, this is the best book ever. Really. This may be my FAVORITE by Krista and Becca Ritchie. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so alive after finishing a book.

This was UN-PUT-DOWN-ABLE. I’m talking bring the kindle with you to pee, to eat, to cook type of ‘can’t put it down.’

I’m going to try give a short summary on these characters so anyone who hasn’t read the Addicted Series series has some background information – but without spoiling too much on this book or the Addicted Series.

Maximoff Hale, in his words: 22 year old CEO of a nonprofit charity, one-time philosophy major, competitive swimmer, son of a sex addict mother and recovering alcoholic father, and the steadfast older brother to three and cousin to eleven.


He’s wealthy. He’s head strong. He adores his family. He’s known all around the world because of his parents and relatives. He’s so famous, in fact, he’s had a 24/7 bodyguard his whole life.

“Our fame burns. And burns. None of us need to stoke the flames for it to stay lit. And me—fame is my friend and foe. It’s a part of me. A tangible thing that lives inside of me. This is the only life I’ve ever lived. It’s the only life I know.”

Enter Farrow Keene: 27 year old, tattooed, Yale graduate known as the “rule breaker” in Maximoff’s family’s security force and his new bodyguard.


Fun fact: Maximoff has had a crush on Farrow since his teen years. So when he learns that Farrow is going to be with him from sun up to sun down, he isn’t too thrilled. They BOTH know doing anything with a bodyguard or client is off limits, but they aren’t so sure they can ignore and resist the feelings they have.

“His know-it-all smile fucking kills me, and I swear he’s one second from saying, do you like that? And I think, too damn much.”


“My gaze latches intensely onto his. And his brown eyes plaster onto my green. So strongly that I’m drop-dead positive we’re forcing ourselves not to look lower. Not to our lips, not to our bodies. Not to any forbidden place that’d cause disaster. I try to master restraint, but my eyes say what my mouth can’t. Kiss me.”

Take the already mounting sexual tension from their past, plus the fact that these two spend almost ALL of their time together, and what you get is one HOT AS HELL forbidden love story.

“I’m watched and observed all the time. By strangers. By cameramen. By people. And never, never have I come undone. Until now, until his eyes feel like hands, and I want them all over me.”

And the banter between these two was so freaking entertaining:

“Wow,” Farrow breathes, “I rocked your teenage world, didn’t I?”
I flash him an annoyed smile. “I’m limp now. Thank you for that.”
Farrow glances at the hard outline in my jeans. “Your erection says you’re a fucking liar.”

Guess who’s going to re-read this over and OVER until the next book is out.
Clue: It’s me.

“I’m hooked by the way he’s staring deeply at me. Like I’m a fantasy. Like I’m something made of heaven and stars that he’s dreamt of—and I never thought to ask what a celebrity who could have anyone in the fucking world fantasizes about. And I wonder how long it’s been me.”

But to be serious for a moment here, these authors are a force to be reckoned with. 13 books later, and I have LOVED and given every single one of them 5 stars. Do you understand what that means for a picky reader like me?? No one creates characters as unique as they do, no one writes stories as original as their stories, and NEVER do I feel so immediately connected to a book than when I start one of theirs. In a book world that has cliché after cliché, re-used story-line after re-used story-line, they ALWAYS STAND OUT in the best way.

This was EVERYTHING. Funny, INSANELY romantic, SCORCHING HOT, intense, and completely addictive. These girls know how to write a book that hooks you from page one and does not let go until the very end. And even once you’re done, you’ll want to re-read this again and again just to capture those feelings one more time.

And kudos to Krista & Becca for making this story completely unpredictable and something that totally exceeded all of my expectations.

*side note (wow I really can’t shut up about this book, can I? If you’re still reading this review – I adore you) – the side characters in this are out of this world entertaining. Fans of the Addicted Series will LOVE getting to see all of the beloved characters again, and everyone will without a doubt fall head over heels for the group of bodyguards. (I’m already calling dibs on Thatcher. Italian and an alpha bodyguard? MINE!)

Damaged Like Us is OUT NOW!!!!!!

*While Damaged Like Us is a spin-off of the Addicted Series, it can 100% be read without reading the Addicted Series first (even though I DEFINITELY RECOMMEND reading the Addicted Series – it is one of my ALL TIME favs! There is NO other NA Romance series that tops it!) 



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