Bad Romance by Heather Demetrios – LOVED. IT.


Bad Romance by Heather Demetrios – 5 Stars


Let me introduce you to the most emotional book you will read this year.

Bad Romance is one of the most unique-gut wrenching-emotional-OMG I CAN’T PUT THIS DOWN-well written-Am I crying? Yep I’m crying again- books you will read.

Heather’s writing in this is just … absurd. In the best possible way. If you don’t read YA, she, my friends, is the author that will change your mind.

This is like an incredible mix of Dusty Innocents + It Ends With Us.

Bad Romance starts at the end – told from the heroine Grace’s POV, the story reads like a letter to her boyfriend Gavin as she tells him about her difficult home life, what it was like to meet him, fall for him, and shows him and the reader piece by piece how the end of their destructive relationship comes to be. Her voice is incredibly relatable, surprisingly witty, and her hindsight about what she’s realized and the parallels to her home life are just done so brilliantly.

“A year from now I’ll be screaming Fuck you, FUCK YOU into a pillow because I won’t have the guts to say the words to your face. But right now, a boy is staring at me from the end of the hall and even though he doesn’t say a word, he’s claimed me. I’m new territory and you’ve planted your flag.”

I just want to point out I loathe those preachy types of reviews where people talk about the effects a book will have on the world or the importance of the theme it’s portraying. I’m just..I’m not one of those reviewers. Read what you want. Take from it what you want. But I will be preachy in this review. Because I honestly think this is one of the most powerful and encouraging books I have ever read. You may not get this if you’ve never had a Gavin of your own. But that’s okay. This is still something everyone should read.

“Maybe the only way you really know you love someone is if they can break you with a single sentence.”

I was literally sucked into this story from the very first sentence. I felt like I was living this tale with Grace. I was there when her parents treated her like she was unlovable. I felt what she felt when Gavin came along. When he finally noticed her, swept her off her feet and made her feel like she was worthy of love. When he said those sweet lines that must have made her heart flutter and face smile so bright. Those lines that made MY heart flutter and cheeks hurt. I fell for him right alongside her, and my heart was crushed with hers when it all went downhill. And I think because from the very start we all know how this is going to end, the fall was that much harder. And the emotions this book pulls from you are just that much stronger. I honestly had to stop a few times and just collect myself because of the emotions this was making me feel.

This book is tough. It’s poignant and painful and will resonate and stay with you for a very long time. I am telling you now it’s going to crush you just a little.

This story is told in such a brilliant way that you cannot help but be enraptured from start to end. Simply outstanding and HIGHLY recommended.

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