Review: Sustained by Emma Chase <3


Sustained (The Legal Briefs #2) by Emma Chase – 5 Stars!


My cheeks still hurt from all the smiling, LAUGHING, and swooning I did while I read this story. I am convinced Emma Chase can not write a bad book!

Jake is a defense attorney who likes very little drama in his life. He likes order. He likes routine. He has everything planned out regarding his career and has no room for love or relationships.

Chelsea is a sweet, selfless, 26 year old grad student with a heart of gold who learns she is now the legal guardian to her six nieces and nephews.

After Jake has a rather funny first encounter with one of Chelsea’s nephews, Jake and Chelsea meet and hit it off rather quickly. Without much thought or effort, Jake falls into their routine and becomes a part of this new family and finds himself completely sucked into all their chaos. Between piano lessons, One Direction concerts, Mommy & Me Classes, he becomes fiercely overprotective of this clan. The scenes with the kids either had me laughing so hard or tearing up from the sweetness overload.

“We need to add a piano teacher to the list.’ Rosaleen tells her aunt as we walk into the kitchen.
“What do you mean? You have a piano teacher.”
“Not anymore.” The seven-year-old shrugs.
Chelsea turns suspicious eyes on me.
And I have no guilt at all. “That guy shouldn’t be teaching children. Sadistic son of a bitch.”
“He hit my knuckles with the ruler ‘cause I messed up.”
“Exhibit A,” I interrupt. “What kind of sick fuck could hit her?” I motion to Rosaleen’s joyously precious face. “Rory? He’s another story. Her? No way.”
Rosaleen continues. “So Jake went out to his car and came back in with baseball bat. Monsier La Rue asked him what he was doing and Jake told him, “You hit that kid’s knuckles again, I’m gonna hit you with this.’ ”
Chelsea turns to me, her head tilted and jaw slack.
I admit nothing.
“So…he fired us,” Rosaleen concludes.
I nudge her with my elbow and offer her a carrot “We fired him.”

She pops it in her mouth while a smile.

Jake and Chelsea’s relationship develops naturally (thankfully no insta-love) and their attraction to each other develops into a more meaningful relationship.

“Is that what you want?” she asks quietly. “Do you want me?”
I lose myself in those clear blue eyes. Endless and cerulean, like tropical seas. And my voice is barely a whisper. “All the time. I can’t remember not wanting you anymore.”

But of course with any relationship comes some drama. Jake finds himself re-assessing what he’s always wanted in life and trying to figure out if he can play the family-man role.

I want her – this fearless, stunning woman. And I want the kids. Those perfect, awful, amazing children – whom she loves with every inch of her soul. I want them to be mine. Mine to hold, mine to protect and teach. Their joy, their laughter, their love. I want to come home to it, bask in it, be the reason for it.

And dare I say, I think Drew Evans has some competition. I didn’t think Emma could ever top that hunk, but Jake is so FREAKING swoon worthy you will instantly fall in love with him.

As always, Emma nailed the male prospective, wrote hysterical laugh out loud scenes, and of course added in a few steamy, sexy moments.
I absolutely loved how quick-witted and adorable the kids were. I loved the dialogue and the sweet, heartwarming moments. I loved how natural Jake was with all the kids and how easily he found it was to care for them like they were his own.

If you are looking for a quick, light-hearted, ADORABLY SWEET, romantic read, this is it my friends!

*While Sustained is the second book in the Legal Briefs series, each book can be read as a standalone*

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