So much love for Dating You Hating You by Christina Lauren!

“Simply put, Evelyn Abbey is my former almost-girlfriend-turned-archnemesis-turned-tentative-ally whom I would now very much like to permanently seduce.”


Dating You Hating You by Christina Lauren – 4 Stars


I LOVE all things Christina Lauren and Dating You Hating You was no exception.

Basic premise: Evie and Carter meet at a Halloween party and instantly hit it off. I loved their first meeting, which was filled with the awesome banter I think the writing duo has become known for:

I can’t stifle the laugh this time, and it tears from me, surprising him as it does everyone who has ever heard it. I am small but my laugh is mighty.
He stares at me with a slow-growing amused grin. “Wow.”
“Hi.” I hold out my hand. “I’m Evie.”
“Is that short for Evil?”
“It’s short for Evelyn. The cackle is my gift. It keeps the delicate ones away.”
“I’m Carter.” He points two thumbs at his chest. “Not delicate. I promise.”

Evie and Carter are attracted to one another and despite their hectic work schedules as Hollywood agents, they want to see where their relationship could go.

“You give good shoulder.”
He nods to my dress. “Your dress. Your shoulders.” Clearing his throat, he adds quietly, “You just…look amazing.”
I whisper, “Thanks,” and take a long drink of ice water to cool down the boiling just beneath the surface of my skin.”So what’s the latest in Caterland?”
He grins at my subject change. “Work. Dodging calls from my parents. Texting a cute agent down the road. You know.”

Sounds good right? Wrong.

When their companies merge, they realize they’ll be fighting for the same position. And any romantic feelings they had start to become replaced with animosity, jealousy, and a bunch of humorous office pranks that leave them trying to constantly one up the other.

“…but screw him and his perfect forearms and cute crooked smile and diva brother.
I’m so tired of wanting to shove him into the wall and then shove my hand down his pants.”


“I might want to watch him suffer, but I don’t want him to be miserable.
Because you like him, my brain teases in a sneering whisper. Really, really like him.
My brain is such an asshole.”

I also loved how the authors made Evie such a strong woman, and how relevant her workplace issues are and how well they nailed office politics. As someone who works in an office setting, I can tell you I related to a lot of her issues and just wanted to high five the girl for all she put up with!

Carter was such a charismatic and sweet hero. There was no way Evie (or me) could help but fall for the guy. He’s got charm in spades.

“You’re wound so tight,” he whispers before bending to kiss my neck. “How do I make you unravel?”

UMMMM you can come visit me, Carter. I’ve got a few ideas.

“Evie has that way about her, as if she’s not often noticed in a crowd – maybe intentionally – but to me, she’s like a beacon. Small but mighty. Unassuming but poised. I really wish I could fucking see her without it feeling like I’ve had the wind knocked out of me. It would make feigning indifference so much easier.”

Even though this wasn’t as high on the heat factor I think a lot of CL fans have become accustomed to, this was SUCH a fun, smart, and sweet read. Shout out to all the side characters too! They were just fantastic (especially Daryl).

Dating you hating you is a great mix of witty banter, chemistry, and some angst and I of course recommend it to anyone who likes romance, enemies to lovers, and really – just well written books.

Dating You Hating You is out tomorrow!!

*BIG thank you to Gallery Books for the advanced copy*

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