Dirty Souls (Sins Duet, #2) by Karina Halle ❤

“This isn’t just young love. This is mad love. The kind that’s incurable.”


Dirty Souls (Sins Duet, #2) by Karina Halle – 4 / 4.5 Stars


“Once upon a time, a sensitive young soul fell in love with a man she shouldn’t have. Where she was soft edges and feathers and dappled light through green leaves, he was hard lines and knives and dirty smoke rising from the ground.”


It’s been a while I’ve read a dark read that I didn’t totally hate. But I ate this story up. There was never a dull moment, was action packed, and I am in love with Violet and Vincente’s love. In all honesty, I wasn’t quite sure I believed it in book 1, but Karina totally sold me in this second installment.

“I love you to the point of danger. Danger because where you go, I will go. Because I will do everything and anything to keep you with me. This isn’t the end of us. There will never be an end of us. Ever.”


“I love her. Period. Full stop. I love her with my dark and dangerous heart. I love her with my wicked and dirty soul. I love her enough to raze the world around me to the very ground, just so we can be together.”

I am so happy we got some more background information on their parents as well. For someone like me who hasn’t read the Sins & Needles and Dirty Angels series, the information on the past helped put some of the puzzle pieces together.

I don’t really want to go into plot details, but there was SO much action. I’m talking murder and kidnappings and shootings and if that makes me crazy, so be it, but I love stories like this. ESPECIALLY stories where the action and drama isn’t compromised because everything turns out to be so convenient. Not this book!

The ONLY reason I am not giving this 5 stars is because the very last part of this and epilogue were a tad rushed. It felt like Violet and Vincente’s HEA was quickly tied up with not much explanation. I REALLY would have liked more information on Vincente’s new role in the cartel and how Violet fit into it all. A novella or even an extended epilogue actually would have worked well here. *here’s hoping Karina possibly writes one!*

“I can’t stop loving him now that I’ve started. My heart doesn’t know any other way and it no longer belongs to me. It’s in his hands. Hands that maim and kill but hands I know will fight to keep me.”

Overall this book kept me hooked from page one. And it’s been quite a while since a book has managed to do that. I most definitely recommend this duet for lovers of darker stories!


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