Review ❤ Black Hearts (Sins Duet, #1) by Karina Halle

“Didn’t your father ever teach you that love is what gets you killed?”


Black Hearts (Sins Duet, #1) by Karina Halle – ★★★★


So I haven’t read Karina Halle’s Artist’s Trilogy and Dirty Angels Series (which I understand Black Hearts is a spin off of). But after reading Black Hearts this is what I’ve gathered:

1. Vincente is the son of Javier – who runs a drug cartel in Mexico – and is next in line to take over. Vincente and Javier don’t really get along and Vincente wants to separate himself from his father and his ways. He wants to be free to run the cartel as he pleases.

2. Violet is the daughter of Ellie and Camden. Ellie had a relationship with Javier in the past which apparently did not end well.

3. Vincente sets out to find Ellie once he discovers her past relationship with his father as a way to gain information and an advantage over him. This is when he meets Violet and is immediately attracted to her. He knows she can’t know who he really is. He knows he should stay away from her. But as hard as he tries (and okay he doesn’t try THAT hard) he just can’t resist.

4. Vincente and Violet begin to date, even though she has know idea who he truly is, or how he’s connected to her parents.

5. Vincente and Violet have a lot of hot sex.


6. Vincente is fucking delicious and I must have something seriously wrong with me because all I kept wishing while I was reading this was that some drug cartel prince would come and corrupt me.

“I want to ravage her, fuck her, screw her, keep doing this until all these feelings go away.
I’m angry. I’m so fucking angry that my heart feels something for her.
That she’s getting under my skin.
That she’s making me question who I am.”

7. Vincente can get it. (Sorry had to throw that in there). Really though. That boy is YUM. And for those who don’t know what “he can get it” means, let me clarify. It means I’d very much like for Vincente to put his hands ALL UP ON ME.


“I want to devour her until there’s nothing left. I want to make her scream and squirm and moan into oblivion. I want to be all there is for her.”

I really enjoyed this read. I was hooked from start to finish and I can’t wait to see how this concludes! I’m hoping the next book has a bit of action and gore (this installment had very little). And of course, more Vincente doing very very bad and naughty things.

A few minor things that kept me from rating this 5 stars:

-I wish we got a little MORE background information on the past of the parents. Since their past is what set this whole plot in motion, I would have liked to have gotten more info on what caused the drama and why Javier is so hellbent on revenge and Ellie is so petrified of him, or even what Vincente’s true motives are. I’m still not clear on that. I know this is tied to the Artists and Dirty Angels series but it IS being marketed as a standalone. I realize it’s a risk to mention things that were already brought up in those other series and come across as repetitive to those who have already read them. But for a new reader, I feel like it would have been nice to have a little more insight on what went down. But maybe we’ll get that info in the next book?

-I kind of wish Vincente wasn’t claiming to be in love after only two weeks of knowing Violet. To me that just seems a little quick. In lust? Okay. In love? Nah. Too soon.

-There were a few minor spelling and grammatical errors but nothing too bad.

Overall, I REALLY liked this book, loved the writing, and can’t wait for the conclusion to this duet, Dirty Souls (which is out March 19th, and available for pre-order for only .99$!)

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