Review ❤ 53 Letters For My Lover by Leylah Attar

“What good is love if you don’t show it?”


53 Letters For My Lover by Leylah Attar – 4 Stars


To be entirely honest, I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this book as much as I did. If you read the blurb and the author’s review, you’ll know this book centers around an affair. And I think I put off reading this for so long because I absolutely despise anything to do with cheating. I have read a few books in the past with cheating and did NOT enjoy them. But this book was NOT one of those books.

“You just see what you can’t have,” I reply.
“Maybe. Or maybe I’ve carried you with me for so long, there’s no room for anyone else.”

Leylah did the impossible – She actually made me LIKE all of the characters in this book. And that’s what I want to focus on in this review. I didn’t hate any one. No anger towards any of them. Did I always agree with some of their choices? No. But Leylah wrote this in such a way you just can’t help but sympathize and yearn for everyone that was involved.

“I wait for guilt to set in. I wait for self-loathing to roll in. I wait for my feet to carry me to the door. But when his lips graze mine, whisper soft, I know this is what I’ve been waiting for. How long have I thought about this? How many weeks? Months? Years? His lips on mine. Like this. My fingers running through his hair. Like this.”


“Who can resist to be disrobed so? With lips and tongue and lover’s breath.”


You would think I would have some choice words for the man who goes after a woman that is married. But as much as I tried, as much as I thought I would, I NEVER once hated Troy. I loved his character, in fact. I rooted for him and Shayda to be together even though I knew what they were doing was wrong. But like everything in life, nothing is black and white and neither was their lives, their choices, or their affair.

“I want to share every sunrise and every sunset and every second in between with you. I want your laughter and your breath and your blood and your bones. You’re the one thing that centers my soul. I may circle the whole world, but you’ll always be home.”

If you’re like me and haven’t picked this up because of the touchy premise, I promise you this is this book that will change your mind on the topic.

Leylah’s writing is beautiful and vivid, the story was heartbreaking and messy and touching and emotional, and I can most definitely see why this book is marked as a favorite among so many book friends. I highly recommend this to anyone who loves emotional reads!


Press play below! This song – Almost Lover by A Fine Frenzy – reminds me so much of Troy and Shayda ❤

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