SO MUCH LOVE for Infini by Krista & Becca Ritchie!

“Some love is infinite.”

Infini by Krista & Becca Ritchie – 5 HUGE Stars


I am just so overwhelmed with the emotions and angst and gut wrenching love this book portrayed.

Krista & Becca Ritchie depict a forbidden and tragic love story that is interwoven with their signature ensemble casts and touching family dynamics.

For those who haven’t read Amour Amour – Luka is part of the Kotova family, who all perform in various circus acts in Vegas run by the same corporate company. He’s a kleptomaniac among many other issues, but is the sweetest, most caring, and empathetic loving person to those he cares about.


Baylee is also apart of one of the Vegas acts, and up until their teen years her and Luka were completely in love and inseparable.


Something (which I won’t say) causes them to separate and not speak for years until they learn they’ll soon be starring in the same show.

“I won’t talk to her. I won’t look at her.” And maybe, one day, I’ll forget what our love felt like. And I’ll finally stop holding on.

My favorite things about Infini:

1. LUKA AND BAYLEE. My god these two together are quite possibly the cutest things to grace this earth.

2. Literally anytime Luka smiled at Baylee. Every time he mouthed he loved her. Or said I love you. Or spoke. Or breathed. Just…..Luka.

“Our chests rise at the same time, and in a crowd full of people, with all eyes on me, I mouth, I love you.”

You hear that? That’s the sound of me sobbing.

“If sex is nowhere for you, what’s somewhere?” She wonders.
“Emotion. Love.” I stare straight into her. “You.”


Literally just take me now I can’t be on earth anymore.

“All I know is what I feel. And I’m in love with you, Bay. Right now. Not just five years ago – but here, today. Yesterday. Tomorrow. It’s forever kind of love, and I’m not letting go. I can’t let go.”

I can’t feel my heart anymore. Do I even have one? NOPE – don’t think so. These two have stolen it.

2. The ANGST. HOLY SHIT. THE ANGST. It’s like Krista & Becca sat down and pondered “How can we torture the shit out of our readers in the best way? Oh we know!” and *poof* Infini was born.

3. Camila and Katya talking about Ryke Meadows, the talk about vampire dick, Dimitri’s small wiener, and Connor Cobalt’s love for BDSM.

4. Any mention of Timo and John. Can we just acknowledge the low key argumentative flirting they do that’s reminiscent of Connor and Rose? John calling Timo babe ?

*inhale. exhale. Don’t fangirl. Don’t fangirl*

AHK-EI€!Ag$7aHAAA@!! They’re so fucking cute!

5. The love between this family. So many scenes in here had me sniffling and tearing up. What a talent Krista & Becca possess – to have the reader quite literally feel the love and loyalty between the characters just from their words alone. I feared my heart would actually burst each time Nik or Timo or Luka or Katya shared a loving scene. The raw emotions in this book will grip you and not let go.

6. Camila and Dimitri are everything I never knew I needed. If they get a book (please let them get a book), I will be ECSTATIC. (And John and Timo. PLEASE!)

This book. This book will make you believe in soulmates. This was nothing like I was expecting and even more than I had hoped. For those who’ve read Amour Amour, this definitely takes on a different tone. The angst and emotion leap from the pages. A must read for Krista & Becca’s fans and anyone who enjoys a gut wrenching romance. I can’t wait for more from this universe and am anxiously waiting for even the slightest detail on the next book!

*Though Infini is set in the same world as Amour Amour, it can be read as a standalone and is out January 31st!


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