Captive Prince by C.S. Pacat – what a book!!

Captive Prince (Captive Prince #1) By C.S. Pacat – 4.5 Stars


“A golden prince was easy to love if you did not have to watch him picking wings off flies.”

If this book was a person:


I mean. This book was full of depravity and brutality and cunning characters. And just plain ol’fucked up.

And what’s worse?

I enjoyed it. A lot.


And at times, it was even quite funny. I laughed. Some parts were so twisted I really just couldn’t help myself.


Let’s get something straight. I don’t enjoy the topics of slavery, torture, rape, sadism. In spite of my sometimes awful potty mouth, I’m a little bit of a prude. *winks*. So I was kind of nervous to read a story that has the reputation this book has.

But..this author. She took some really awful topics, some downright shitty characters, and made them so freaking engaging and interesting that I COULD NOT PUT THIS DOWN.

Quick summary: Damen, Prince of Akielos, is betrayed by his half brother and sold to the enemy land of Vere. Once there, he’s forced to act as a slave to the revenge thirsty, sadistic Prince Laurent who hates Damen’s country and everything it stands for.

Laurent. Oh, Laurent. I was so excited to meet this character dubbed as one of the most evil characters out there. And he did not disappoint. I could use so many words to describe him: Asshole. Sadisitic. Viscous. Calculating. OUT OF HIS FUCKING MIND. But the fact that I actually grew to LIKE Laurent is really just a testament to the author’s clever and impressive writing skills.

‘I can end this any time I like?’ said Laurent. ‘I haven’t even begun.’

What happens after, I won’t get into. But Captive Prince clearly sets the foundation for the books to come. The relationship between Laurent and Damen, the fantastic writing, and all of the political intrigue left me wanting MORE, so I’m off to read book two like right this second!

**I clearly enjoyed this, but I’m fully aware this book isn’t for everyone. The writing is fantastic,(really. You can claim the events in this are horrid, and I’ll agree. But no-one can say this woman’s writing is not beyond. This review explains it so perfectly.) I can see how it would be hard far some to follow, especially with the many difficult names and characters that are introduced. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone sensitive to or uncomfortable with upsetting stories and non-consensual sexual encounters. Also, this is categorized as romance, but there wasn’t any in this installment. Don’t go into this one expecting any sort of lovey dovey feelings, because you won’t be getting any. It’s clear there will be romance in the upcoming books, though, and I CAN’T WAIT to see how that unfolds.


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