Review: Truth or Beard by Penny Reid


Truth or Beard by Penny Reid – 3 stars


Can somebody please tell me where I can find me a Duane Winston of my own? Because I’d like me one of those, stat.

Things I loved about this book:

1. Duane Winston
2. Cletus and his sausage
3. Duane Winston
4. The Winston Brothers
5. Duane Winston

I think I’ve made it quite clear I kind of love Duane Winston, no?

Though I didn’t quite get Jessica, her and Duane together were pretty adorable.

So …why not 5 stars? While I loved Duane and the Winston boys (obviously), the writing in this was pretty verbose and could be really repetitive, which is something I always pick up on when I read and can be annoying for me. There was also a lot of inner monologue and filler I could have done without, along with the contrived drama. And I kind of wish we got to see a little more of their argumentative banter in the beginning because I find that so entertaining. They realize their feelings for one another very quickly, so I think if we got a little more resistance in the beginning it would have felt a little more realistic.

All in all a sweet read, but with some things I could have done without.


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