Unpopular Opinion Alert : Legend by Marie Lu

Legend by Marie Lu- 1 Star

Can I just start by saying I really really REALLY wanted to like this book? But Jesus. What a disaster.

 photo giphy_zpskly2qmjq.gif

What didn’t work:

1. The BIGGEST ISSUE – The two MCs, June and Day, were written in such a blasé way and I could barely tell them apart. If it wasn’t for the different fonts chosen for each POV, I wouldn’t have been able to tell who was who. They were completely indistinguishable. This was especially annoying seeing as they grew up in completely different environments.

2. This author’s writing was robotic, monotone, and had ZERO emotion. The prose was SO disappointing. So emotionless in fact I didn’t feel a single thing while reading this. Danger, intrigue, lust – nothing jumped from the pages even though this book had a lot of action in it and a “star crossed” love story. Even the personalities of the MCs were stale. They never experience any emotions whatsoever. Fear, grief, anger – NOTHING!

Her dry as toast writing also ruined their first kiss. After it happened, my only thought was “that’s it?” The lead up and the first kiss between the government’s most wanted criminal and the girl sent to catch him should have been filled with angst. Instead it was like reading about someone’s great great grandfather kissing his wife.

3. The absolute lack of any world building – I’m not even elaborating on this one. I’d be here all day.

4. The plot was boring, predictable, completely convenient, and cliché. Again not going to go into details with this, but the things these characters did, the situations that so easily presented themselves…give me a break.

Overall a really disappointing read and an author I don’t think I’ll ever read again unless she has miraculously changed her writing style since this was released.


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