Review of Beautiful by the always amazing Christina Lauren ❤


Beautiful (Beautiful Bastard #5) by Christina Lauren – 4/4.5 Stars


It’s pretty depressing knowing this series has come to an end, but what a way to go.

As always, Christina Lauren delivers fun, sex, laugh out loud scenes, and one of the greatest casts there ever was.

Basic plot: Jensen (brother of Hanna from Beautiful Player) meets eccentric Pippa (friend of Ruby from Beautiful Secret) on an airplane and comes to find out she is the friend of his sister’s friends. Jensen is a workaholic. Pippa wants a change. Will, Hanna, Ruby and Niall plan a road trip and convince Jensen to come along. During the trip, Jensen and Pippa have a little fling, and Pippa helps Jensen loosen up and have some fun along the way.

As I worked to disentangle us, she gazed at me, bemused. “This makes me wary of ever dabbling in bondage with you.”
Silence greeted us, and I unlooped the seatbelt from her neck before looking up and around us at the other passengers.
“We’re not alone, are we?” she playfully stage-hissed.
“There are others,” I confirmed. “They’re regarding you with curiosity.”
“And mild horror,” Niall added.

What I loved: Basically everything. The fact that we get more Will Sumner is reason enough to read this. But Jensen and Pippa were absolutely ADORABLE together.

“Your hair like this makes your eyes bluer,” he continued, and my mind hit the brakes. “Makes your lips pinker. Makes you look too perfect to be real.”

Pippa was laugh out loud funny. Jensen, while sometimes being uptight, was sexy as all hell once he opened up.

Beside me, Jensen laughed. “Your random metaphors are beginning to make sense to me.”
“I’m slowly blackening your intellect.”
“Is that what you’re doing when you’re fucking me senseless?”

The ending was without a doubt my favorite thing about this. It features a few short epilogues from some series favs.

Why not 5 stars? While I LOVED how much the rest of the gang was involved in this, I wished there were more scenes with JUST Jensen and Pippa. I don’t feel like I got a good grasp on either of their characters fully, not in the way I did with the rest of the cast in the other books in this series. The ending was a tad rushed as well. A lot of time was spent on the gang during their road trip, but once they are home, scenes with just Jensen and Pippa were kind of rushed and skirted over. To me, this felt a little more like an epilogue book, and less than just Jensen and Pippa’s story.

This series remains one of my all-time favorites and I dare anyone who has followed this gang all along not to shed a tear after reading the last page. I’m so sad to see them go, and foresee many re-reads of this incredible series in the future!

“They’re insane and overbearing, but…I think you’ll fit in perfectly.”
She pulled back in mock insult. “You think I’m insane and overbearing?
“No. I think you’re fun, and smart, and wild.” I leaned forward, kissing her nose. “I think you’re fucking

Beautiful is out October 4th! (Can be read as a standalone)

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