When the 2nd in a series disappoints: Review of The Heart Of Betrayal


The Heart Of Betrayal (The Remnant Chronicles #2) by Mary E. Peasron – 1 Star

So. Everyone in this book is a fucking liar. And at first it was interesting to keep up with all of their deceit.

Lia loves Rafe but Kaden loves her and hates Rafe but Lia can’t say no to the Komizar and Rafe has to pretend to hate Lia while lying about not being a Prince and Kaden thinks Lia might love him but also hates her because she lead him on but also knows Rafe loves her but they have to hide it from the Komizar or he’ll kill them.

And I couldn’t wait for shit to hit the fan. For some action. Romance. SOMETHING.

But same as the first and DISAPPOINTINGLY SO, this book was SO SLOW. I was hoping the slow pace of the first book wouldn’t continue with the second. I was hoping the little action in the first book was leading up to something epic in the second.


What was discussed could have easily been revealed within half the amount of pages and I wasn’t a fan of the overly descriptive writing, and really the total absence of a gripping storyline. Somewhere around the 80% mark I just stopped giving a shit.


This series had so much potential. So much could have been done with these characters but I was bored to tears. The plot is slightly more exciting than the first book but it remained tedious and was dull. Slow paced isn’t always bad (and I didn’t mind it in book 1!) but in this case it felt like such a let-down. The book should have been so much more exciting and suspenseful. I am 99.9% sure this will continue with the next book so I’m definitely not continuing with this series.


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