Review: Turbulence by Whitney G

Just going to hide in a corner since I’m the only one who seems to dislike this book….

Turbulence by Whitney G – 2 stars


If Fifty Shades of Grey and Ugly Love had a baby, it would be this.

The similarities:
*An emotionally unattached hero claiming he won’t and can’t do “more” and doesn’t have girlfriends
*A sex only relationship between the MCs
*Hero/heroine defining a set of rules to make sure the sex doesn’t turn into more
*A heroine agreeing to the sex only relationship, but eventually falls for the hero
*The hero who also has a disturbing past and has issues sleeping

Was this entertaining? At first, yes. I found the first few chapters really very funny. But as I continued to read, I found this to be riddled with very typical erotic clichés, outlandish, unrealistic situations and circumstances, the plot was a bit all over the place, and it all felt very surface level; probably because I didn’t see any real /substantial conversations between the MCs. Even their “volatile arguments” were nothing of importance. It was mainly bickering over the simplest of things. Then sex. Lots of sex. The blurb, to me at least, made it sound like it would be a very emotional and angsty read. I did not find it to be this.

I am sure people will find this more appealing than I did. There was nothing necessarily wrong with the story itself. But it feels like a book I have read many many times before, and nothing in it stood out to me. Personally, reads like this just don’t appeal to me much anymore. Sure, I like an erotic novel just as much as the next person, but something in it should stand out, be different, make me perk up and want to devour the book and refuse to put it down. Instead, I started to skim some parts and didn’t really have that all consuming urge to see what happens. It pains me to write all this, considering how much I loved her last book, Sincerely, Carter.

As I said, I am sure some will enjoy this much more than I did and I wouldn’t let my review dissuade anyone from picking it up. It did have Whitney’s signature witty dialogue, and I did enjoy a few parts. But overall, it just wasn’t a WOW book for me.


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