Everyone needs to read The Man I Love by Suanne Laqueur


The Man I Love (The Fish Tales #1) by Suanne Laqueur – 5 Stars



I am a little speechless after experiencing this story. And I say ‘experience‘ instead of ‘read’ purposely. Because this isn’t a story you sit down and just read. No, no. This is a book that consumes you, that works its way into your mind and makes you feel every single thing the characters feel.

This is not just a story. This is a tale. A saga. A lifelong journey. This is fucking incredible.

This is not fiction. It can’t be. The story and characters felt SO damn real, so complex, that I felt like I was living everything right alongside them. Never have I read something that I enjoyed so much, but at the same time didn’t want to read. I know that may not make much sense. But this story hit me so hard that at times I was too emotional and quite honestly scared to pick it back up and see what would happen next.

“I was born to be near you. I want to know you in the dark. I want you to look at me with your hands. I want to kiss you until I die.”


Is it long? Yes. But it spans 15 years.
Is it slow? No. To me it was not. Everything the author wrote served a purpose and her writing is incredibly smart, poetic, and multilayered. It may seem ‘slow’ at first, but once that bomb drops – brace yourselves.
Is it heartbreaking? Yes. YES YES YES. I am stressing this now. This is not your average, mushy, lovey-dovey romance. This is REAL. This is about the sometimes romantic, sometimes gritty and devastating journey of two people who meet, fall in love, and after tragedy strikes fuck up, and all the moments in between.
Do I recommend it? YES YES YES.

“Leaving isn’t always the end of loving. Love doesn’t give a shit about geography. It’s not a thing you can abandon at will.”

I sat on writing this review for a little bit because really I didn’t know what to say. And in that time I think I came to appreciate the author and her writing even more. As an avid reader, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate and LOVE stories like this. Stories that are outside of the box. Stories that aren’t afraid to break the rules and rip your freaking heart out.

Suanne- if you are reading this. BRAVO. Your storytelling ability is incredible. Your unique writing is addictive. And this book needs to be experienced by EVERYONE.

The Man I Love is out now!


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