It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover – FREAKING READ THIS!


It End With Us by Colleen Hoover – 5 Stars



Incredibly insightful.



Not to mention completely original.

It Ends With US is filled with such raw truths I had to stop a few times and just think about a line or passage I just read. It is filled with SO many heartbreaking moments I didn’t think my heart could endure it all.

I read this book a few weeks back, and it has stayed with me since. As cliché as it sounds, it is truly one of those stories that will surely stay with me for a very very long time. It made me question things and situations I never thought I would even think twice about. It made me love people I didn’t think were worthy of love and forgive things I didn’t think were forgivable.

As always with Colleen’s writing, each of her characters has a distinct voice and each story has a distinct message. It Ends With Us, for me at least, reminded me how easy it is in life to point a finger. To judge someone or a situation you are on the outside of. So easy to say, “If that was me, I wouldn’t have done that.” But this story shows us that sometimes certain situations aren’t that easy to walk away from and become even messier when emotions and love are involved. I applaud Colleen so much for writing a story like this. In fact, she deserves a freaking standing ovation. In a world with MCs, twists, and plots that are all so similar they all begin to mesh as one, It Ends With Us stands out with its personal, exceedingly touching, and original storyline.

I don’t want to say anything on plot or characters. I read this not knowing a thing on either, and was shocked to see how it unfolded. And even though I won’t elaborate on any details and in turn my review is very brief, I really think those who go in blind will appreciate the story and the insanely strong emotion behind it that much more.

Go in with an open mind.

Go in with an open heart. But be warned this story will probably break it.

It Ends With Us is out August 2nd !

More info is also on:

*Big thanks to Atria Books and Colleen Hoover for sending an advanced copy ❤

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