Loved Loved *Amour Amour* by Krista & Becca Ritchie


Amour Amour By Krista & Becca Ritchie – 4.5 stars

“But I’ve found the truest form of love. It’s two loves that can live in perfect harmony. The circus and you,” he whispers, “amour amour.”

Two loves. Two passions. At perfect balance.

Amour Amour was such a wonderful and unique story! It’s a story about following your dreams no matter what, finding love, and discovering yourself.

Thora James is a gymnast and has left everything behind. Her family, her friends, her scholarship. All to pursue her dreams of joining an aerial circus act. This leads her to Vegas to audition for a hit show called Amour and is where she meets the show’s star Nikolai Kotova. And what an interesting first meeting that was.

“If his eyes are hell, his tongue is heaven, and I would gladly return.”

Nikolai and Thora train together, and eventually fall for one another. As someone who has been insecure for a lot of her life, being with Nikolai and his brothers and sister who are also in the circus shows Thora what it’s like to gain confidence and become part of a family where passion and love are front and center.

I LOVED Nikolai and his relationship with Thora. Talk about the PERFECT MAN.

When his humor fades, what remains is longing. In deep Russian, he whispers a phrase I’ve only heard once before.

“What does that mean?” I ask, my pulse beginning to race again as I catch certain words.

“Here is my heart.” His thumb skims my neck. “It is full of love.”

The other characters, especially Timo and John (!!!), stole the show for me. I was salivating for more scenes from them and when I got them, I didn’t want them to end. I cannot wait for Luka’s book Infini. His rebel ways were so intriguing and no doubt will make for a crazy entertaining book.

If you’ve yet to read a book from these authors (and you should read their books like NOW), this is a great addition to the wonderful worlds they have created. No one writes family and friend dynamics quite like Krista and Becca. Their characters always feel so REAL. It’s something that is hard to describe unless you have experienced the magic that is their books. And if you have, you most definitely know what I mean. If you are already a fan of them (because how could you not be?!) then I know you will just love Amour Amour, Nikolai and Thora, and the rest of the incredible characters.

“It’s a dream that I’m living. Every day. With him.”

Amour Amour is available now!

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