Unpopular Opinion Alert: Review of Nuts by Alice Clayton


Nuts by Alice Clayton – 1.5 Stars 

What a shame because I absolutely LOVED Wallbanger and thought I would love this for sure. But too many things starting really early on turned me off to this.

What didn’t work:

The first 30% or so was rather dull. It was filled with paragraph after paragraph that depicted absolutely nothing of importance. And I could have done without the excessive detailed food descriptions too. I know Roxie’s a chef and that is a big part of her character but it became too much and was distracting.

An example:

Each booth had the farm’s name proudly displayed over it’s table, which dispalyed whatever they were producing. Late spring greens everywhere, turnip and mustard greens the most prominent. Lettuce of all varieties. Carrots in a riot of colors, not just orange – ruby red, purple, and vibrant yellow carrots spilled over their baskets and into customer’s waiting hands. One farmer had plates of sliced fresh radish set out, with piles of coarse salt and soft butter ready for dipping. Root vegetables, spring onion, garlic, and garlic scapes, that wonderful delectable that was only available in late spring. Asparagus stalks, thin and….

OK, I can’t type about vegetables anymore. Was all that detail really necessary? I don’t see how that added to the story at all. And that wasn’t the only moment of excessive detail I had to skim over. It was happening repeatedly.

The heroine seemed a little too pretentious and snotty for my liking. The humor really came off as forced to me and had too many instances of accidental / humiliating run-ins. Sure a few moments had me grinning, but not out right laughing like I was expecting.

I was looking for a fun, easy read that would make me laugh, but instead I found myself skimming, rolling my eyes, and was tired of the overlong descriptions and not a whole lot else happening.

I wanted more substance to the story and found it lacking. All in all this was a disappointing read for me. 😦


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