Unpopular Opinion Alert: Review of The Bad Ones by Stylo Fantome


The Bad Ones by Style Fantome – 2 Stars

Yep. Another book everyone seems to love that I did not. AWKWARD. I think I need to add “Black Sheep” to my name.

The Bad Ones tells the story of Dulcie and Con, two kids with depraved/dark minds who don’t think twice about acting out on their sick thoughts. The story starts with them as teens, and follows them throughout adulthood.

Once they realize they are basically one in the same, Con and Dulcie get together as lovers and “partners in crime.”

There were some things missing in this that I personally feel would have greatly improved the story for me. I don’t feel like the development of the characters was done properly. Yes, we know they are “crazy” but I would have liked to get a more in-depth look as to why. Especially when the story starts with Con and Dulcie as teenagers. This is when we first get a feel for how dark they really are, but I would have liked the author to have delved deeper and spend more time on the characters around that age. We only get a minor glance during this period of time, and it is then fast forwarded to three years later and what they do during that time is kind of skirted over. Con, for me, was the more developed character between the two (though not by much) while Dulcie’s behavior felt very contrived and she herself felt one dimensional.

I definitely enjoyed the first half of this way more than the second, where for me it just went downhill. As adults, I again felt like they were underdeveloped (which as I said I think could have been solved by spending more time discussing their teenage years) which caused me to lose interest in where it was all going. I just didn’t get a good grasp on who they truly were or why they were that way. And it’s not because I felt like this would give me justification for their actions – I didn’t need that at all. I just wanted to get a better look into their psyche and what made them them.

All in all this was an okay read, but it didn’t blow me away as I hoped it would. I found it to be pretty flat with little substance, lacking any real depth and more a story about two weird teenagers killing people for fun.



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