Unpopular Opinion Alert: Review of Bang by EK Blair

I really tried with this book. And with the amount of people I know that love this series I was giddy to start.

I read that prologue and was all like ..

BUT. I read the first chapter. And then the second. And I realized my biggest pet peeve in writing was so prevalent here. I CANNOT STAND when each and every single sentence starts with a verb.

I hate it. It drives me mental. And Almost. Every. Single. Sentence. Started. This. Way.

On top of this huge pet peeve of mine, there were

Commas. COMMAS EVERYWHERE. The precise problem with this is every single time there is a comma, your brain pauses while reading. You paused after the word comma in the previous sentence didn’t you? So if I am reading a sentence, that is like this, and I have to keep pausing, because there is a comma, every 5 words, it takes me completely out of the story.

This is honestly how my brain process these types of sentences:

Rounding the bar, *PAUSE*, he backs me against the countertop, *PAUSE*, and hisses, “Now it’s time for you to cut the shit.” The kettle starts to squeal, *PAUSE*, and before I can get to it, *PAUSE*, he reaches over and slams it on the other burner, *PAUSE*, startling me, *FUCKING PAUSE*, and flips the knob off. Caging me in with his arms, *PAUSE*, his tone is hard when he says, “Your games are starting to piss me off.”

Do you see what I mean?


Getting through one page gave me a headache. I kid you not. I have SUCH a hard time connecting or being immersed in the story when my brain keeps pausing to process wtf I am reading. It was like she was trying to condense a whole paragraph into one sentence and it caused such a disruptive / detached reading experience.

I know this is personal preference and I know this type of writing style doesn’t bother most people. But I cannot get into books written this way. Call me picky. I do not care.

Now for the actual plot/characters- I found the beginning extremely boring and skimmed a lot of this. I read 30% in like one hour because of the amount of skimming I did. I struggled to feel a connection to the heroine and didn’t really care for the men in her life either. And while I can appreciate the amount of time and effort it must take to write a mind fuck book like this, it just wasn’t for me and I felt it was poorly executed.

Many will probably not agree with what I said here and that’s totally fine. Some might not question some of the things I did while reading or find some things as far fetched as I did. And if you’re one of the few people who have yet to read this, don’t let this review dissuade you. You may like it WAY more than I did.

Bang – Book 1 of The Black Lotus Series is currently free


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