Review: 5 Stars for Dark Notes by Pam Godwin


Dark Notes by Pam Godwin – 5 Stars!


After Fifty Shades of Grey and the influx of dark brooding alpha- males that followed, I really thought I had my fill of those kinds of heroes.

But reading Dark Notes just reminded me how much I have missed reading about a controlling, sexy, dark man. One, I might add, that didn’t make me feel the need to roll my eyes or gag (because I’ve had my fair share of those as well).

I can’t even begin to describe how incredibly poetic, beautiful, and romantic this whole story was. ESPECIALLY Emeric’s POV. In the words of Ivory: Sweet merciful fuck. That man. I went back and re-read his passages over and over because I just could not get enough. I highlighted almost every single thought and thing this man said.

Dark Notes tells the story of Ivory – an aspiring musician who is extremely gifted in playing piano. But while she excels at school, her home life is in disarray. She has to resort to some seedy arrangements with her classmates to help support her drug addicted mother and brother. Ivory has a really awful and heart breaking past. One that was really hard to read about. But she holds such a positive attitude in spite of it all and just focuses on reaching her goals.

In her last year at school, she is assigned to a new music teacher, Emeric Marceaux. Emeric FREAKING Marceaux. A unconventional teacher who curses, plots revenge on anyone who crosses him, and has no problem using his own special form of punishment (aka spanking…YES SPANKING) when Ivory messes up and doesn’t shy away from the wicked thoughts he has of her.

“I’m here to teach her, and that doesn’t include instructions on how to properly suck my cock.”

But as he realizes his attraction for her is going nowhere and begins to teach Ivory, he feels an all-encompassing need to protect her, help her, and love her. And what follows is a crazy romantic ride, filled with twists and turns, insanely sexy encounters, and some really dark moments they both need to overcome.

Ok, now that the basic plot is out of the way, let’s get back to talking about Emeric. This aggressive, dominant, romantic, filthy man was pure freaking perfection. There really is no way my words can do him justice.

So instead, I’ll just show you his:

“Ivory’s an intoxicating dream, the kind that visits a man at night, veiled by the darkness of dusk and safely pursued in the secret corners of the mind. But in daylight, she’s a dangerous fantasy, tempting a man to do things with his eyes wide open.”

“She’s in my veins, fiery and weightless. She’s in my head, like a whisper of promises. She’s in my heart, softening it, mending it, and making it pump again.”

“It’s as if every fiber of my being is tied to hers, and every movement she makes moves me, pulling me closer, deeper. I never stood a chance.”

“I’ve never wanted anyone the way I want her. Not just her body. I want everything. SHE is the strongest emotion I’ve ever felt.”

Ok, ok. Just one more…….

I grip the tiny straps around her hips and yank. The sound of ripping lace brings her head around.

“I liked those.”

“I’ll buy you a hundred more and rip every fucking one of them off your gorgeous ass.”


The love, affection, and overwhelming need he had to take care of Ivory are what made me fall head over heels in love with this story. Add in the poetic writing, the CRAZY SEXY moments they had (*ahem* that PIANO SCENE?..sweet lord), and Ivory’s amazing strong willed character, and this was a definite winner. There are some rather dark moments in here, but they were lightened by the sarcastic and humorous dialogue and some crazy romantic scenes.


I can’t stress enough how much I enjoyed this and how beautiful Pam’s writing is. Anyone who is a fan of forbidden romance, well actually just ROMANCE in general, needs to add this to their TBR.

Dark Notes is out April 4th!

*Arc was provided in exchange for an honest review*


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