NAZ IS BACK BABY! Review of Target On Our Backs by JM Darhower


My fellow Naz lovers Angela from Feeding My Addiction Book Reviews and Eliza from Relentless Romance and I were all gifted advanced copies of this incredible book and agreed it was a 5 star read!

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 My review :

Target On Our Backs by JM Darhower – 5 Stars

NAZ IS BACK BABY. And let me tell you, he does NOT disappoint.

In the third installment to the Monster In His Eyes Series by my QUEEN JM Darhower, we get to see a somewhat, dare I say, softer side to the monster you can’t help but love. Don’t worry, though. For all the sick, twisted, lunatics out there like me (I am not ashamed to admit Naz threatening to slice a man’s throat still gets me all giddy) who can’t help but swoon when Naz goes all “monster” on a man, he still won’t hesitate to take out anyone who crosses him…..

Even though he’s trying. Trying to stay out of that life. Trying to be a better man for Karissa. But people from his past are making it really hard for him to be the ‘good man’ Karissa believes he is.

“…He’s not doing it because he wants to repent for his actions. He’s not doing it to make up for his sins. He’s doing it not because he’s tired of being the man he has been. He’s doing it because he thinks it’s what I need.

He wants to be a better man to ease my guilt for loving someone like him.

A leopard doesn’t change its spots. That’s what Giuseppe said.

You can dress a wolf up in sheep’s clothing, but the son of a bitch will still eat you alive if you let it.”

And that is all I will say on the plot. As always, I think a book like this is best read going in blind. I will talk about Naz, though. And I will mention how he is unbelievably, undeniably, irrefutably one of the sexiest men I have ever read about. And it’s not even his skill, his dirty words, or his dominance (though those don’t hurt my case – see below my fellow pervs), it’s his quiet confidence, it’s the way he loves Karissa, the way he will not let ANYTHING come between them.

“And I was going to love you right, remind you what it feels like to be cherished, to be idolized, to be treated like the queen you are. I was going to make serious love to you, baby.”

I let out a shaky breath, and before I can even inhale again, his hand shifts. It’s a split second, barely a blink. His hand is around my neck, tightly squeezing, as he yanks me toward him, flush against him.

“But now I think I’ll just fuck you instead.”


HELLOOOOOOOOO, NAZ! Oh, how I have missed you.

This book was absolutely amazing. Incredible. Phenomenal. And every other synonym for the words I just wrote.

Ever since I first read Monster In His Eyes, nothing has come close to being so captivating. Nothing just sucks you in from the get-go quite like her stories. JM Darhower’s writing, as usual, is flawless. She can write books on this man until the end of time and I would never tire of them.

AND THAT ENDING?! I WAS NOT PREPARED. MY GOD I was not ready. It should have come with a warning *Fainting May Occur* *Your Heart May Explode*.

A side note – Lorenzo absolutely stole the show for me. I am IN LOVE with that crazy ass man and I would be freaking ecstatic to see him get a book of his own!

Target On Our Backs is out now!!


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