Friday Favorites

unnamedOn Fridays, we share our favs.

This week, I’ll be sharing my favorite heroines!


Haven from Sempre (Forever Series) by JM Darhower. She’s sweet, she has a will like no other, and she managed to snag the heart of my number 1 book BF Carmine. So that means she’s awesome.

Sloane from the Blood and Roses Series by Callie Hart. As a feisty doctor and devoted girlfriend to the sexiest man alive known as Zeth, what’s not to love about her?

Lily, Rose, and Daisy from the Addicted Series by Krista & Becca Ritchie. These 3 come as a packaged deal. The bond they share as sisters is so heartwarming and with their unique personalities there is never a dull moment in this series.

Hanna from Beautiful Player by Christina Lauren. Though I am forever jealous she gets to sleep next to Will at night, Hanna is the funniest heroine. I LOVE her relationship with Will and can’t freaking wait for their novella Beautiful Boss!

Genna from By Any Other Name by JM Darhower. This quick witted bad girl is amazing. She steals, she lies, and she betrays all in the name of love. But I mean, with someone like Matty B by her side, who wouldn’t?

Who’s your favorite heroine? I’d love to know!

9 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. foxyblogs1 says:

    Great list!!! Love how you got Darhower in there twice!! #faveauthor
    I know all these ladies except the one from Christina Lauren’s book. I read the first book and it was a 3 star for me so I didn’t continue in the series.

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  2. Stacey is Sassy says:

    I wanna be a Rock Chick when I grow up. Depends what mood I’m in as to which one. I always get a happy buzz when I re-read Indy’s, Ava’s and Sadie’s, so I’d say it’s a three way tie. Love your list, even though I only know the stories and authors by name. 🙂

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