Review of Low by Mary Elizabeth


Low by Mary Elizabeth- 5 Stars


Even crooks feel regret.

Even crooks break.

Even crooks sympathize.

Even crooks dream.

Even crooks grieve.

Even crooks love.

Lowen Seely is a criminal. Forced to break the law to help his family and girlfriend. Deemed a crook before he even broke a law because of his father’s past.

“I’m Lowen Joshua Seely.

Son of a murderer, property of the state, society’s downfall.

I am what nightmares are made of.”

But behind his thieving ways, he is compassionate, he is loving, and he is devoted to helping the ones he loves. After every crime he commits in a desperate attempt to protect his family, he feels overwhelming remorse. And above all else, his need to protect his girlfriend Poesy is what made me fall absolutely in love with his character.

“And if something happens to you, death won’t give me peace. Do you understand that? I need you, baby. Give me something to run to when this is over.”

Poesy is the utter definition of devoted. She doesn’t care about what Lowen has done, she doesn’t care about his record, all she cares about is staying by his side until the very end. She’s fierce and loyal and a heroine I adored so much.

“I’m not leaving you. Do you hear me, you son of a bitch?” Poesy cries loudly as heartbreak falls from her eyes. “I’m here. I’m here with you.”

Lowen and Poesy together? They’re fucking magical. A love like theirs is what people wish to experience in their lifetime. I read someone compare them to a cross between Bonnie and Clyde and Romeo and Juliet, and I couldn’t agree more. They live and breathe for one another, and break the law and steal in hopes to better the life they share.

“I can’t be anywhere else other than with you, Lowen,” she says softly. “No matter what happens, we have to stay together.”

“I know,” I answer.“In this life or the next.”

This book is filled with heart pounding, nail biting, and anxiety inducing moments. Every time Low was about to break the law, my nails were immediately bit off. The last 20 minutes or so? I couldn’t freaking breathe! The dedication and master mind behind Low’s heists were disturbingly sexy, and made me want to rob a bank with him.


Mary’s writing is so vivid you feel like you are riding right alongside Low and Poesy. She writes in such a unique, addicting way that I flew right through this. The story itself is so different and refreshing even though at times the characters will break your heart. It’s beautiful and touching and lyrical and TRUST ME when I say you’ll find yourself routing and falling in love with this misunderstood outlaw and his girl.

I LOVED THIS STORY and just know it will be one of those I continue to think about days and even months from now. Truly an epic story everyone needs to experience.




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