Unpopular Opinion Alert – Review of F*ck Love by Tarryn Fisher

F*ck Love by Tarryn Fisher – 2 Stars



Sometimes you read a book and you can pinpoint exactly what didn’t work for you. Sometimes, you read a book and you just can’t say why you didn’t really enjoy it. You just…didn’t. And this unfortunately has happened with this book. But let me try to explain…

In the beginning, I was most definitely captivated. There was that sense of yearning and longing that I love in romance reads, but then…it all kind of went …nowhere. Or maybe I just didn’t care where it went because the MCs’ indecisiveness caused me to lose interest in what was going to happen.

I didn’t connect with the characters. At all. Maybe because this overall story reminded me of a cross between ‘Something Borrowed’ and ‘Love Me With Lies’. Maybe Helena’s personality and actions were a little too awkward and came off as forced and exaggerated. Maybe it was because I did not for the life of me understand Kit’s choices. And on this note, I actually don’t know why Helena even loved Kit outside of the dream she had telling her she did. His character was rather flat and besides his few one liners and smirks, he lacked personality and because of this I didn’t understand his appeal.

When I had to put this down, I didn’t really have a desire to pick it back up. Though it is filled with some beautiful prose and I can appreciate the author’s willingness to dive into the messy and inconvenient sides of love, nothing in this stood out to me.

I didn’t have or feel that desperate need for the MCs to be together. Their interactions didn’t evoke any emotion. Not in the way her MCs in LMWL did, anyway. I didn’t lust. I didn’t swoon. And when I read ‘romance’ that is exactly what I want and expect to happen. I suspect this is because of the disconnect I felt towards the MCs mixed with the very little amount of angst this delivered.

I do think she is a fantastic writer, but sadly this was a flop for me.


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