A letter to Emma Chase (and a review of Appealed)

Dear Emma Chase,

I’d like to ask you a favor. Please hear me out before you decline.

Can you stop writing such swoon worthy men? Can you stop creating these perfect specimens that are equal parts sexy, funny, smart, and did I mention SEXY??!?!?

My poor boyfriend can’t live up to these delicious men you’ve created. He’s starting to get jealous. What’s even worse is I thought I knew who I loved the most. Drew was always number one, but then came Jake, and there’s Stanton, and Matt. And now you throw in the insanely amazing Brent and a girl is just so confused!!!

It’s really not fair. I am going to wind up single with nothing but your fictional men to keep me company.


Girl who can’t choose who she loves the most (And totally kidding. Don’t you EVER stop writing),




“I am in love with you. When I look at you, think about you, I can’t decide if I want to fuck you, strangle you, or just hold you in my arms. Usually all three. And if that’s not love, I don’t know what is.”

The third and final installment of The Legal Briefs Series – Appealed (can be read as a standalone) brings together two of my favorite set ups– enemies-to-lovers and second-chance-romance, and I.LOVED.IT.

Brent and Kennedy grew up together, living next door to one another with their families being very close. Best friends since childhood, they share one amazing night together when they are 17 before a misunderstanding causes it all to go terribly wrong and they part ways.

14 years later, Kennedy is back, all grown up, more beautiful than ever, and still pissed at what went down between them. Brent is shocked to see her, always considering her ‘the one that got away’, and even more shocked to learn she is the prosecutor on his current case.

As always, the banter Emma writes is fan-freaking-tastic, and I laughed out loud so many times I lost count.

“I’m not doing this with you again, Brent. You’re not sucking me back in.”
My jaw tightens. “Okay. How about you explain what that means?”
“How about you go fuck yourself with a lacrosse stick?”
Hello, Square One – long time, no see.
I tilt my head, like I’m thinking it over. “Sports equipment is a hard limit for me. But if you want to play with toys, count me in.”

The chemistry and feelings between them were just so hot, so beautiful, and so perfect. Emma builds the underlying sexual tension brilliantly with each of their hilarious interactions. And once these two get together….let the swooning commence:

“Brent…” She gasps, fingers running through my hair. “This is real. Tell me this is real.”
My eyes jerk up to hers and I cup her jaw in one hand. “It’s real. This is so real I can’t stop shaking.”

“…what if the reason I’ve never let myself fall in love with a woman is because I didn’t have anything to give? Because I’d already given my heart to her when we were seventeen years old? And all these years…I’ve just been waiting for her to come back to me with it.”

And then this little gem:

“Christ Kennedy, your pussy is so fucking pretty.” She moans at my words. “This is made to be kissed and licked and fucked all damn day – and night.”

Needless to say, I loved it, loved everything about it!! It was beautifully romantic, funny as all hell, and a perfect mix of sweet and sexy. I was also SO happy to see the other characters from the previous books play their part in the story, and that extended epilogue? SWEETNESS OVERLOAD. My cheeks still hurt from smiling so hard.

As I mentioned above, Appealed can technically be read as a standalone, though I most definitely recommend reading the other 2 books first. Not only are they great reads, but getting to know the other amazing characters beforehand will definitely make this book 10x more enjoyable. I have enjoyed this series SO MUCH, and this book finished the series off just beautifully.

Funny, romantic and beautifully heart-warming, I absolutely adored every word!

Out January 19th | http://amzn.com/1501102095

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