Review – Breaking Him by RK Lilley


“…It was never enough. Breaking him until he was as broken as me was the only thing that would never be enough.”

Breaking him is the story of Scarlett and Dante. Talk about one dysfunctional couple!

They hate each other.

They love each other.

They love to hate each other.

Scarlett and Dante were child hood sweethearts, and while they could not have come from more completely different lives, they connect from a young age and fall into a mad, passionate love.

In the present, all we know is something has broken these two apart and they cannot seem to be within 5 feet from one another without insulting and trying to rip the other apart. After an encounter on a flight, where Scarlett is a flight attendant, they are forced to go back home and be around each other once again.


The chapters alternate between past and present, where the reader gets to see how they grew in love, and the current situation they are in.

Scarlett is ONE. BAD. ASS. She is feisty and angry and scorned and will kick the ass of anyone who even looks at her wrong. And I loved her temperamental personality.

“Do it,” I bit out.
“Ask for it,” he spoke into my skin. There he was. The Bastard I knew and loathed.
“Go die in a fire,” I gritted out, pushing back against him.
“Ask me nicely,” he added. “Say, please, Dante.”
“Please go die in a fire, Dante.”

Dante, to me, was actually sweet (aside from his hulk-like temper). And even though Scarlett paints him as the spawn of Satan, you could immediately tell he has a soft spot for Scarlett and is still completely in love with her.


And even those these two claim they cannot stand the other, it’s so clear the heat and chemistry between them has not fizzled whatsoever and it’s a task for them to even stay fully clothed when the other is near.

In the past, RK paints the story of young first love with all the emotions that come from such a sweet time. And in the present, little mysteries/hints are dropped throughout the chapters that will leave you feeling uneasy and dying to know what the hell happened between the MCs to cause them to be so torn apart.

“I hate that I still love you….I hate that I’ll never stop.”


The reader is given little on what the HELL is going on with Dante’s shady family and most importantly left with the question …WHY DID THEY BREAK UP?!?! There is clearly still SO much to learn on why Dante and Scarlett didn’t last. And I have a pretty good feeling the side characters introduced have a great deal to do with it. (What’s with that sheriff and the father comment? What the hell is Tiffany’s deal? Did Dante’s mother put her up to something? What was Bastian talking about when he spoke of black mail?) DO YOU SEE HOW MANY QUESTIONS I HAVE!?! I.NEED.ANSWERS. –sorry rant over – and I can’t wait until the next installment to get them!


Breaking Him is now live! Purchase Links below:


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