Suite 269 By Christine Zolendz

Did you know this wasn’t even supposed to be a book? That this was only a writing exercise to help the author write better sex scenes?


It’s witty, insanely sexy, loaded with sarcastic humor, and full of some passionate scenes that will leave you all sorts of hot and bothered.


Lexa, our hysterical heroine, has been having a tough time. You see, she’s engaged to an ass, which she happens to work with, who cheats on her 3 weeks before their wedding day. And the girl he cheats with? She works with Lexa, too. And her ass of a fiancé’s excuse as to why he cheated? Because Lexa is too insecure, too work driven and not sexually adventurous enough for his lame self. And our poor girl believes this.

Insert our SEXY hero James – Lexa’s delicious boss. He, along with the entire office, hears about what happened to Lexa, and he can’t help but feel sorry for her. But after some comical drunken conversations at a work conference, even funnier text messages between the two, and a STEAMY first kiss, James just can’t seem to get Lexa out of his head. So after he learns Lexa’s honeymoon is already paid off and she plans to go, he gives her this proposition:

Three weeks.

No rules.

Any fantasy.

Anything goes.

James wants nothing more than to have Lexa realize what a beautiful, sexy woman she really is, and he has no problem being the one who shows her. So he has Lexa write out a list of every fantasy she’s ever wanted to act out, and he makes it his mission to get through that list. Needless to say, this gives us some insanely sexy moments..and I swear I think I actually blushed during some. When you get to that beach’ll know exactly what I mean.

This was a short, light, funny and sexy read and I flew through it. Christine can do no wrong !

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