Review: Unravel

Unravel by Calia Read
My rating: 5 of 5 stars



Calia Read you evil little genius, you. You’ve messed with my emotions and I don’t know how I feel about this.

I’m lying. I do know how I feel. I FREAKING LOVED THIS BOOK. I am still sitting here thinking about every detail even though I finished this yesterday. Still thinking about Naomi, and Lana, and Lachlan, and Max. And in my world, THAT is how you know you just read a fantastic book. When everything that happened plagues your thoughts and you just can’t get it out of your head. When you keep replaying scenes and rethinking all the amazing lines you read.


I will not go into any details on the plot because this is something you most definitely need to go in to blind. Just know that nothing is what it seems, and the whole time you will be wondering is Naomi really crazy? Am I crazy?! How is this all going to fit together?!?


Was it a tad predictable? To me, yes. But in all fairness I tend to accurately guess what’s going to happen in a lot of books. And rest assured, many people I know who have read this didn’t see anything coming. I thoroughly enjoyed it regardless and Calia drew me in and kept me there.


I still have about 10348 questions, which I assume will be answered in Lachlan’s book (for the love of everything holy please tell me that book will be here soon. I NEED IT I NEED I NEED IT.) I love that man with something fierce.

The story was well written, intricate, at times pretty dark, but so so so beautiful. I am looking forward to more from Calia and cannot wait to get my hands on her next books!

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