Review: Sincerely, Carter

Sincerely, Carter
Sincerely, Carter by Whitney Gracia Williams

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


It was hate at first sight…until they become best friends…until it was MORE.

Boy and girl meet in fifth grade.
Boy and girl become best friends.
Boy and girl grow up and have sex…what happens now?


Sincerely, Carter is the story of Carter and his best friend Arizona, who have been friends since fifth grade (though Arizona will say it was FOURTH grade). Never having an attraction toward one another, these two friends go through their teens and early adulthood dating others, sharing their dating horror stories (with every sordid detail) along the way, all the while ignoring almost everyone around them questioning why haven’t they hooked up already.

And if you were to ask either one, they would simply say “We’re just friends. Best friends.”

That is, until one fateful day they both notice being “just friends” isn’t how it seems to be anymore. One drunken night and an eventful kiss later, they find themselves in a situation they haven’t been before.


A situation where, let’s just say, Arizona can’t think about anything other than ripping off Carter’s clothes, and Carter…well he isn’t fairing that well either. A situation that leads to sex. Lots of sex.

“Do you want me to take you home?”

If you do take me home, do you promise to have sex with me? I think I’d like to do that with you…Right now…

The summer before they go their separate ways (Arizona to culinary school and Carter to law school) they both silently agree they can’t ignore this attraction anymore and start a sort of friends with benefits/maybe sort of boyfriend/girlfriend – type relationship.


Even though they both are terrified to lose the friendship they have, the pull toward one another is too much to ignore.


Their friendship was insanely adorable (especially the flashbacks to when they were younger. The notes they wrote to each other had me cracking up). Arizona was so sweet and you couldn’t help but love her. And Carter is some serious book boyfriend material.


I LOVED how it wasn’t awkward between them at all, and the move from friends to more was so smooth and easy. No stupid drama, no games, just them. It’s like they were meant to be all along. SWWWOOONN. My favorite thing about a book is when the characters have great and funny banter/dialogue. And this was FULL of it. I devoured this is one day!

Fun Fact: Each chapter is inspired/dedicated to a Taylor Swift song. So fan’s of the singer will get that added bonus while reading

Sincerely, Carter is out now! —>

ARC gratefully received from the author in exchange for an honest review

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